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4/26: Soccer Game

Today was our last indoor soccer game. We played Summit U10 and beat them 4 to 0!



4/19: Soccer Game

We played Mill River and creamed them 9 to 2! My parents actually said that they were embarrassed for cheering because we were winning by so much!


4/12: Soccer Game

We played against Springfield and tied 4 to 4. I think our team could’ve won 5 to 4 but the ref was being weird and called fouls on our team, while Springfield was shoving us into the walls!

Something I made in Art Class


My name, some skis, a lacrosse stick, a StyxRyvr logo and a soccer ball… That’s basically my life.


4/9: Soccer

We played the other Summit FC and won! I think the score was 7 to 4 and I got a goal along with like everyone else on our team. I also had this awesome bicycle kick (I kicked the ball over my head and basically did a backflip) and almost scored. One of my best friends named Dylan was on Summit and the game rocked!

4/5: Soccer Game

Today we had a soccer game and we lost 5 to 4. We played Summit FC so it was kind of expected. But overall it was a good game.

3/30: Soccer Game

Today we played Proctor and tied 4 to 4. We couldn’t ever seem to get a good lead on them because they played really dirty.


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