Lacrosse Tournament Part II

We had another tournament in Middlebury and we did pretty well! We won our first 2 games, but lost the next against St.Albans. St.Albans played REALLY dirty! I’m pretty sure every kid on our team got wrecked or cross-checked by someone on St.Albans! The ending score was 7-6 them.


About Brayden

I'm a ski racer and I love sports. I am also always looking for something funny. I am typing this in computer lab!! Haha!! I like to play lacrosse and soccer! Here are some ther things i like: Play trumpet, Play keyboard, Technology (and such), Friends, COMPUTAAZ, Dora, Thomas the Tank Engine, Go Diego Go, Team Oomie Zoomie, (those last few were jokes...except Dora. Dora is the boss) And I like to TROLL!!!! Haha!

One response to “Lacrosse Tournament Part II”

  1. Ken McAdams says :

    Wow, Brayden, what a record for the season and hey, you guys played fair which all the coaches and parents realize. Good for you guys!!!

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