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Cinema-graph of My Jazz Concert

Here’s a short Cinema Graph of my Jazz Concert!

Check it out!



We had our last LAX tournament in Syracuse! Our ending record was 1-3 but we had fun! We played a bunch of teams that we haven’t played before. Lacrosse, gotta love it 🙂

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day everyone!!

Bennington Tourney

Lax tournament in Bennington today! We win our first game 9-1 but unfortunately we lost our second game 6-3. It was fun anyway. NAARRRâ„¢

You absolutely positively need to check it out!!!

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Lacrosse Tournament Part II

We had another tournament in Middlebury and we did pretty well! We won our first 2 games, but lost the next against St.Albans. St.Albans played REALLY dirty! I’m pretty sure every kid on our team got wrecked or cross-checked by someone on St.Albans! The ending score was 7-6 them.


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