Pros vs. Joes Lacrosse

Today’s lacrosse practice was sweet! Instead of running laps and stretching we just fooled around and passed. And at 6:30 we had a scrimmage against the coaches and some high school/college kids! Our coach called it “Pros vs. Joes,” us being the Joes and the coaches and older kids obviously being the Pros. They started out crushing us but then we came up and tied it up at 5-5 in the first half. But in the second half our coach thought up an awesome plan: have all 32 kids on our team storm the field and swarm all of the Pros! When the coach gave the signal we all sprinted onto the field! The game was crazy from then on; our goalie Peter got the ball and almost had a shot on goal, Garret had the ball and actually put it in his hand and when he got past the Pros defense he put the ball back into the lacrosse stick and he gets a goal! The game was so fun!


About Brayden

I'm a ski racer and I love sports. I am also always looking for something funny. I am typing this in computer lab!! Haha!! I like to play lacrosse and soccer! Here are some ther things i like: Play trumpet, Play keyboard, Technology (and such), Friends, COMPUTAAZ, Dora, Thomas the Tank Engine, Go Diego Go, Team Oomie Zoomie, (those last few were jokes...except Dora. Dora is the boss) And I like to TROLL!!!! Haha!

2 responses to “Pros vs. Joes Lacrosse”

  1. Ken McAdams says :

    Wow! I never heard anything like that, Awsome Joe.

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